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Providing advanced wound dressings in the comfort of your home.

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Wound Care Coverage and Reimbursement

Understand your coverage and reimbursement options for wound care dressings.

Our expertise at Advanced Wound Care dressing reimbursement makes complex coverage easy. We are the reimbursement experts across all payers and insurance plans and know how to get you what you need without interfering with your busy day.

Wound Care Education and Support

Important information to help you identify, care for, and heal wounds with confidence.

At Advance Health Rx, we’re dedicated to helping you reduce your healing time by making the latest advancements in dressing technology more affordable, and by providing outstanding customer service.

Acute Wound

An acute wound is a wound that follows an expected and predictable rate of healing. Any wound, regardless of severity, can be considered an acute wound if there are no complications.

Chronic Wound

A wound that fails to heal within approximately 4-weeks after being treated or has not healed entirely in two months is a chronic wound. Wounds can become chronic if there is pressure on the affected area, increased bacterial load, trauma, lack of blood supply, inappropriate treatment and infections. Chronic wounds will often need advanced wound dressings, nutritional interventions, and the care of a wound specialist in order to heal.

Applying Wound Care Dressings

Most people with minor injuries can heal acute wounds with traditional wound care dressings. When a wound becomes chronic advanced wound care dressings may be recommended by your clinician.

General principles of changing a dressing:

  1. Always wash your hands before changing your dressing
  2. Set up all the supplies that that you will need on a clean surface (paper towel)
  3. Open all packages prior to starting
  4. Cut tape ahead of time
  5. Clean the wound with prescribed cleaner: This may be soap and water, saline or a wound cleaner
  6. Use a designated pair of scissors for wound care and clean them each time with alcohol
  7. Observe the wound for any changes that need to be reported to your nurse or doctor, such as:
    • An increase in drainage
    • A new odor to the wound
    • A change in the color (green or blue) of the wound drainage
    • Redness around the wound
    • Increased pain
    • A temperature over 100°F
    • Increased blood sugar with no diet changes
  8. Clean the wound with your prescribed cleaner from the inside out. This may be simple soap and water, saline, or a designated wound cleaner.
  9. pply the new dressing and tape down the edges or wrap it with gauze to keep it in place

Traditional Woundcare Dressings

Traditional wound dressing products are used most often as primary or secondary dressings to protect the wound from contamination. These products include gauze, lint, plasters, bandages (natural or synthetic), and cotton wool.

Common types of traditional wound dressings include:

  • Bandages
  • Body Netting
  • Cohesive Wraps
  • Composite Dressings
  • Impregnated Gauze
  • Gauze
  • Non-adherent Dressings

Advanced Wound Dressings

Advanced wound dressings are typically prescribed by clinicians after a visit to a doctor or hospital. The benefits of using advanced wound dressings include shortened heal time, optimized drainage and reduced risk of infection.

Online Wound Care Catalog