ENLUXTRA Self-Adaptive Wound Dressings

ENLUXTRA Smart Self-Adaptive "Any Wound" Dressing is the first and only self-regulating super-absorbent dressing with localized adaptive absorbency and built-in localized adaptive hydration function. It is a highly comfortable multi-functional wound dressing for moist healing of chronic wounds, acute wounds, and burns with ANY exudate level - from copiously exuding to dry wounds. ENLUXTRA's smart self-adaptive material uses feedback from the wound and works for each part of a wound individually. It absorbs and locks exudate from exuding parts of the wound, while hydrating dry wound areas as necessary. The dressing utilizes patented smart polymers for sensing the underlying tissue conditions and adapting local functions accordingly. ENLUXTRA's patented technology continuously monitors and neutralizes the factors that may impede wound healing, cause wound deterioration, and further complications. The dressing provides SUPERIOR drainage management. It can absorb and lock in a large amount of exudate when needed. ENLUXTRA size 6"x6" dressing can retain up to 350 ml (11.8oz) with extraordinary vertical absorption and reliable fluid lock-in function. No leakage under applied pressure. ENLUXTRA is suitable for use with compression. ENLUXTRA prevents skin maceration. ENLUXTRA's hydrating function works for dry wounds, supports continuous autolytic debridement, and removes slough from the wound. ENLUXTRA is safe! Hypoallergenic, latex-free, bioinert, non-toxic, silver-free, and contains no active medications.

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